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    Word-puzzle is the latest crossword puzzle maker online that offers:

    • Easy Crossword puzzle generator
    • Access to crossword puzzles from any device
    • AI auto-arrange algorithm
    • Easy to use interface
    • Support in case you need any help

    What does is cost?

    Nothing in case it is for personal usage or school. In case you are reselling the word-puzzles or publishing them on other online website or apps you will need a commercial license. This license costs between 5 and 100 USD.

    Money back guarantee

    In case you bought a commercial license and you are not satisfied you can have a full refund.

    Do I own the rights to my crossword puzzle?

    Depends. In case of a full commercial license you completely own the puzzle generated on this website. In that case we won't publish or use the word puzzle generated by you for 150 days.

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