Terms of Usage

The following terms of use explains the operation principles of the content available on word-puzzle.com. Take note that you will encounter Content Lockers which may ask you to sign in, subscribe, or enter personal information, among other actions, to gain access to the locked content on the website.


Email is required to register and gain access to puzzles from word-puzzle.com. This allows the website to reduce spam and stay connected with users. Upon registering to the site or by signing in through social media networks, you therefore agree that your email address shall be added to the subscription list, where the website sends news and special offers. Clicking on the "Download" button in the email will automatically subscribe the user to word-puzzle.com newsletters. However, it is possible to unsubscribe at any time; simply click on the option via a link at the end of every newsletter or email.


Word-puzzle.com does not allow users to submit, post, build, host, or otherwise make available our content to include, contain, or provide access through links and third party websites to promote any of the following:

Hate Speech - Content that supports or condones discrimination and violence against individuals based on race, ethnicity, religion, disability, hate, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, or gender identity, or any other forms of discrimination against another person.

Inciting Violence - Content that threatens or intends to incite violence against an individual or a group of individuals.

Harassment - This includes any form of harassment, sexual or not, and bullying against an individual or group of individuals.

Defamation - Untruthful comments or statements made with malice about a person, group, or company that will result to lowering their estimation in the eyes of others.

Offensive Content - This includes content that could cause offense to a reasonable person, group, or corporation, including those that are posted purely for "shock value."

Fraudulent, misleading, or deceptive conduct - Includes making statements about products or services that are deemed inaccurate, or impersonating another private individual.


Word-puzzle.com does not allow our products and services to be used to submit, post, build, host, or make available content that may contain or provide access through links and third party websites, or promote any of the following activities:

Supplying regulated goods and services - This includes using our products to supply alcohol, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, supplements, fireworks, weapons, gambling, or adult escort services.

Illegal activities - This includes products or services for dangerous or illegal content, or other purposes that are deemed not acceptable by law. Make sure to comply with the applicable laws in your country or in any other jurisdictions. word-puzzle.com is not liable for illegal use of our products by private individuals.

Illegal activities that causes harm to word-puzzle.com products or services or brand to others - Content or links which could cause harm to the website, its products, services, or brand. This includes pirated software, programs, or archives. Files, web pages, or sites that contain viruses, trojans, malware, or the use of other applications designed to access another user’s information with illegal intentions without the knowledge of the user.

For any queries regarding the Terms of Use, or to report any suspected illegal activities, feel free to contact word-puzzle.com via our contact page.